Refinement and comfort are two words by which all 17 altered and luxury equipped rooms and apartments may be described.

Extremely intense impression is felt at the very first encounter of fantastically fitted contents in the ambient, which overwhelm with modern solutions and luxury that does not endanger in any way the authenticity of environmental space and architecture.

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Accommodation details

Designed furniture and rich decor together provide comfort and luxury in every room of the hotel. Exquisite tastes for details, as well as interior design, are justified in all particularities in order to be pleasant to each guest.

Elegant colour palette of the furniture and pleasant gentle colours additionally supplement a beautiful view to the island Sveti Stefan, a view that prolongs from the room terrace where you can enjoy in the sun and refreshing drinks.

Bathroom is separated from the room with a special glass that gives a unique vision of the very interior. Architectural solution of such kind of connection of the premises, pictures the particularity of space and design.